All-In-One Marketplace UQUID Integrates Crypto With Binance Pay

All-in-one marketplace Uquid has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Pay to expand its crypto payments options to its users. Uquid is known as the DeFi e-commerce platform accepting over 100 tokens for payments on its website. The marketplace features more than 2 million products over a wide range of selections.

Uquid also offers bill payments using crypto. The platform is the perfect marriage of e-commerce and DeFi, where users can submit their own tokens to be used as a payment method on the platform. The partnership with Binance Pay increases Uquid’s reach in addition to its already impressive list of payment options. Now, users of both platforms can have a seamless shopping experience on Uquid.

Paying With Binance Pay

Integrating Binance Pay into the Uquid ecosystem brings users a wider variety of crypto payments to choose from. There are currently 40 tokens supported by Binance Pay, all of which carry no transaction fees for making payments. Shopping and paying have never been easy as Uquid’s 2 million physical products inventory can be accessed through a simple wallet integration on the website.

Uquid operates on the Ethereum blockchain but has expressed that the e-commerce platform will move to integrate other blockchains in the future. This move will allow Uquid to broaden its DeFi shopping network beyond Ethereum.

NFTs, Games, And More

Uquid launched its very own NFT marketplace where users are able to trade their NFTs. The smart supermarket system allows for the buying, selling, and discovery of rare NFTs in the marketplace. Users can participate in the marketplace as both a buyer and a seller, or both.

Users can also purchase games, electronics, buy groceries and pay bills right from the Uquid platform. The Web 3.0 marketplace redefines the online shopping experience with a number of features that come with it. In addition to purchasing items using crypto, customers can also take part in token airdrops, stake points and receive rewards, and participate in shopping mining.

The Uquid card is an everything-in-one card that allows holders to pay using a number of altcoins. When it first debuted in 2016, the card was the first crypto card to offer crypto payments with altcoins. The card allows Bitcoiners and Altcoiners to make payments with one click. The card can be used anywhere a Visa card is accepted.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Uquid announced that alongside its Binance Pay integration, it would also be introducing its “Buy Now Pay Later” feature. Customers are able to purchase items and pay in three installments across three months. However, unlike known BNPL platforms like Afterpay, customers will be able to make their installments in crypto.

Uquid is the first e-commerce platform to offer a BNPL feature with crypto, staying true to form of being a pioneer in the blockchain space. Its e-commerce business which was launched in 2018 has grown tremendously in three years with over 54,000 digital products available on its website.


All-In-One Marketplace UQUID Integrates Crypto With Binance Pay

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