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Analyzing Market, one of the rapidly growing voices in the market news space, has just hired a new marketing head amid a series of new structural developments. Owned by the parent digital media group Kojiki, Analyzing Market focuses on the news from all around the world surrounding the market and the inherent economical ups and downs of the industry. Ever since the acquisition by Kojiki, the website has witnessed an exponential rise in the number of unique visitors per month.


The sharp incline in the visitor influx for the many websites under the Kojiki belt recently gave way to several new changes taking place in the structure as well as the staff for the websites. To cater to a rapidly growing audience, Analyzing Market has decided to grow its staff with a corresponding increase in the workforce. Amid the ongoing expansion plans for Analyzing Market as well as other platforms under Kojiki’s umbrella, the management has recently made announcements to kick off hiring for the marketing department.


In a series of major new additions to the family, Analyzing Market has hired Shubham Sharma as the new marketing head. Under the purview of Sharma, the marketing department for the website will handle the adjacent marketing staff for the sister companies as well. Talking about his new position at the website, Sharma said, “It comes as a tremendous honor to have the privilege of heading the marketing department for Analyzing Market and its sister websites under the purview of Kojiki. There’s a great deal of work to be done and to shoulder this responsibility is a matter of great pride.”


Sharma went on to add how the growing engagement figures for the platform affirm the need for a dedicated marketing campaign for the website and the parent entity Kojiki. “India is a prominent market that Analyzing Market caters to and with the number of unique visitors the region contributes to warrants an expansion of the staff and infrastructure. The inflation in the staff numbers is an answer to the growing audience and its needs”, added Sharma.


Kojiki also plans to continue its expansion plans with mass hiring for the marketing department as well as other branches of the corporate structure. According to Kojiki CEO Sohel Moldharia, a new and complete marketing department for Analyzing Market will flourish by the third quarter of 2022.


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