As marketplace grows, edibles aplenty but premium flower more scarce

If you’ve walked into a dispensary any time lately and have been a bit overwhelmed by the menu, I can’t blame you. Five years after cannabis was legalized here in Massachusetts, the days of extremely limited selections and bare shelves in the vault are mostly behind us, as retailers now have to make sure their storage areas are large enough to store all the product they’ve accumulated. Nowadays, consumers are likely to be hit with paralysis by analysis, confronted with a litany of options that somehow makes the Cheesecake Factory’s menu look small in comparison.

Compounding this consumer confusion is the fact that it’s often difficult to figure out who exactly made the product you’re considering purchasing. While some dispensaries are operated by companies that also have their own cultivation and/or production facilities, many do not and rely fully on the wholesale market to stock their shelves, resulting in a number of different companies — many of whom sell their products under a number of different brand names — being represented on their menu.

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