CPI Report Highlights Relief for Shoppers: Falling Grocery Prices and Eased Food Costs

CPI Report: Despite the ongoing two-year inflation run-up, American consumers are finding some relief in two major areas: the cost of gasoline and groceries. However, other expenses, particularly rent, continue to rise. In May, inflation slowed for the 11th consecutive month, with grocery price increases easing once again, and gas prices reversing the previous month’s … Read more

What to Expect: Live Updates on Fed Meeting – Potential Interest Rate Hike

Federal Reserve Pauses Interest Rate Hikes Amid Declining Grocery and Gas Prices, but Future Hike Looms: Here’s What You Need to Know As grocery and gas prices decline, the Federal Reserve has decided to hold the key interest rate steady, breaking a streak of historic hikes aimed at curbing inflation while avoiding an economic downturn. … Read more