Former Hawthorne Academy HS principal still collecting six-figure salary despite being reassigned to lesser-paying role

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – The former principal and assistant principal at Hawthorne Academy High School continue collecting salaries associated with their old jobs, despite being reassigned to new jobs that pay less.

Former principal Diann Weston and former assistant principal Nina Adams were suspended last November after a WBTV investigation uncovered a student who was suspended for reporting being sexually assaulted by a classmate.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools leaders announced Weston and Adams had been permanently re-assigned to new jobs within the district last month but did not say what those roles were.

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WBTV requested information about the former administrators’ new jobs and their salaries pursuant to the personnel law, which requires government agencies make certain employee personnel information public upon request.

According to the personnel information produced by CMS last month, Weston was re-assigned to a job called “Coordinator, Community Support” in the Southeast Learning Community.

That position is listed in this year’s CMS budget as a Pay Grade 7, with a maximum monthly salary of $6,274.67, or $75,296.04 a year.

But the personnel information provided to WBTV last month said Weston was still making the same salary as when she was a principal: $132,370.

Adams is now listed in a position called “Specialist, Data Use for School Improvement.” That position is listed in this year’s CMS budget as a Pay Grade 8, with a maximum monthly salary of $7,215.92 a month, or $86,591.04 a year.

Adams’ salary is still $95,742, according to the personnel information provided to WBTV by the district.

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Neither Weston nor Adams responded to a request for comment for this story.

A CMS spokesman provided a statement from Winston.

“The individuals mentioned in your inquiry are being paid pursuant to their contracts with the district,” Winston’s statement read.

But the personnel information provided to WBTV weeks earlier listed “N/A” next to the question about the terms of each woman’s contract.

The CMS spokesman did not immediately respond to a follow-up question about Winston’s claim in light of the information provided by the district that said neither Weston nor Adams had a contract.

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