Artificial Intelligence Meets Automotive Innovation: Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft’s ChatGPT Integration

Mercedes-Benz introduces ChatGPT via its “Hey Mercedes” speech assistant, elevating communication to a new level. Mercedes-Benz is revolutionizing how drivers interact with their vehicles by providing cutting-edge linguistic artificial intelligence capabilities thanks to ground-breaking cooperation with Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service.

Drivers may choose to participate in the beta program by simply using the Mercedes Me app and stating, “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.” They may now engage in engaging dialogues and have a more tailored driving experience thanks to this.


The three-month beta program, which started on Friday, is scheduled to run. It seeks to give programmers insightful information about particular user demands, enabling them to prioritise and improve the voice control system appropriately. Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft’s joint initiative is positioned to influence the direction of voice-activated technologies in-vehicle systems in the future.

Drivers can now have more natural and lively discussions with their Mercedes-Benz automobiles thanks to ChatGPT integration, which improves the whole driving experience. This ground-breaking integration not only exemplifies Mercedes-Benz’s dedication to cutting-edge technology, but it also paves the way for further developments in voice-activated interactions in the future.

Prepare to embark on a new level of interaction with your Mercedes-Benz as ChatGPT transforms the way you communicate with your vehicle. Stay connected, stay engaged, and enjoy the seamless integration of advanced language artificial intelligence services in your daily driving routine.

What characteristics are present?

The vehicle’s new capabilities were emphasised in a blog post by Eric Boyd, corporate vice president of the AI Platform at Microsoft:

  • Interactive voice discussions using the voice command-compatible ChatGPT.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel while providing enhanced and thorough replies. Drivers may learn more about a location, or a recipe, or ask sophisticated inquiries.
  • With relevant follow-up questions, drivers may obtain thorough replies.
  • Mercedes-Benz is looking at integrating ChatGPT’s third-party services so that users may do chores like ordering takeaway or purchasing movie tickets.

What does this entail for the privacy of my data?

In line with its privacy policy for the Mercedes me app, Mercedes-Benz ensures that it retains full control over the background IT operations while prioritizing user privacy. The Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud is responsible for gathering and securely storing voice command data. It’s important to note that all collected data undergoes a de-identification process before being analyzed.

For vehicles manufactured after 2019, Mercedes-Benz USA adheres to a comprehensive data tracking policy, aiming to enhance user experience while respecting privacy. Here are some aspects covered by their privacy policy:

  • Driving Behavior: Information related to how the car is operated, including acceleration, braking, seatbelt usage, and trip durations, is monitored to provide insights and optimize vehicle performance.
  • Location Data: The precise location of the vehicle is tracked, enabling features such as navigation, vehicle recovery, and remote assistance. However, location data is handled securely and with user privacy in mind.
  • Account Information: Personal details like name, address, payment information, email, phone number, and date of birth may be collected to facilitate account management and personalized services.
  • Vehicle Data: Data generated by the vehicle’s software and sensors, such as diagnostic codes, fuel economy, tire pressure, battery life, door and window status, and climate control settings, helps ensure optimal performance and maintenance.
  • Service-Related Information: Services provided, including route details, charging station information, appointments, contacts, traffic updates, and safety information, may be accessed with user consent. Depending on preferences, limited access to email, calendar, tasks, and address book functionalities may also be permitted.

Mercedes-Benz is committed to upholding privacy standards and employing strict protocols when handling user data. By adhering to its privacy policy, Mercedes-Benz aims to deliver personalized services and enhance the overall driving experience while maintaining the utmost respect for user privacy and data security.

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