Finding the Deal: Where to Find a New Tesla Model 3 for Less Than $30,000

With its remarkable features and performance, the Tesla Model 3 has established itself as one of the best-selling cars in the world. In the past, buying a Tesla Model 3 required shelling out more than $40,240. Owning a Tesla is now more affordable than ever thanks to a new change in the car sector. A Tesla Model 3 may now be purchased for around $30,000 thanks to the federal tax credit and other incentives.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is a stylish four-door sedan that is offered with both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. Its popularity is due in part to its excellent performance and dependability as well as its aesthetically pleasing appearance. Owning a Model 3 now offers the chance to save thousands of dollars, which increases its appeal. This electric car represents the ingenuity and complexity for which Tesla is known. It is not just any average automobile. The Tesla Model 3 offers a driving experience like no other because to its abundance of cutting-edge technologies.

Currently, a Tesla Model 3 is accessible for under $30,000

The cost of the Tesla Model 3 has drastically decreased and is now accessible for around $30,000 as a result of federal tax credits and state incentives. There are three different models in the Model 3 range, each with its own set of characteristics. The intermediate type has an all-wheel-drive system and a long-range twin motor, while the entry-level model has a single motor and rear-wheel drive. The most expensive choice is the top-tier model, which has an all-wheel-drive system and performance dual motor arrangement.

Our focus is on the cheapest Tesla Model 3, which can be purchased for as little as $25,940 when six years of petrol savings are taken into account. States all throughout the nation are providing incentives to prospective purchasers, giving the Model 3 an extra push to become more widely available. Only Oregon had previously provided a $7,500 incentive in addition to the Federal tax credit, but this program expired on April 30.

federal tax credit
Tesla Model 3 interior

Recent revisions to EV tax incentives brought about by the Inflation Reduction Act include a need to use battery components made in the United States. Given that Chinese manufacturers now supply the bulk of EV batteries, this need has been a hurdle for many automakers. However, Tesla is in a good position to adhere to these requirements because it is a US-based business.

Owning a Tesla Model 3 has thus become a more appealing and reasonably priced choice for people looking for a high-performance electric vehicle. The Model 3 is positioned as an alluring option for environmentally concerned drivers eager to make a sustainable and economical transportation choice because to the lower pricing and government subsidies.

How Can I Buy A Tesla Model 3 For Less Than $30,000?

You must select the base rear-wheel drive model if you want to buy a Tesla Model 3 for less than $30,000. You can receive a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit when you purchase this configuration, which greatly lowers the final price.

The Tesla website claims that the federal tax credit, state incentives, and anticipated gas cost reductions over a 6-year period have all combined to significantly lower the price of the Tesla Model 3. Let’s dissect what this implies:

Price of the Vehicle: The base model of the Tesla Model 3 has a starting price of $40,250 and comes with a single motor and rear-wheel drive. Without taking into account any discounts or incentives, this is the beginning price.

Federal Tax Credit: The federal tax credit is a government incentive that encourages the use of electric cars. A $7,500 credit is available for the Tesla Model 3, which immediately lowers the vehicle’s ultimate price by that sum.

State Incentive: There can be extra incentives available for buying a Tesla Model 3 depending on the state in which you live. Incentives from the state might cost between $1,000 and $7,500. For instance, Massachusetts gives a $3,500 tax credit, while the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project in California offers a range of incentives.

Estimated Gas Savings Over a Six-Year Period: Electric cars have the benefit of not requiring petrol, which is one of its perks. If you keep driving the Model 3 for a period of six years, Tesla predicts that you might save about $4,800. The final price drops to $25,940 as a result of this.

Destination Fee: Your Model 3’s overall price includes a $1,390 destination fee. Whether the car is delivered to your home or picked up from a dealership, this cost will cover transportation to your selected destination.

The price of the Tesla Model 3 may be reduced to around $30,000 by taking into account the Federal Tax Credit, state incentives, anticipated gas savings, and the destination charge, making it a more accessible and alluring choice for electric car aficionados.

Finally, with all these possible financial savings, the least expensive Tesla Model 3 is available for $27,330, which is considerably less than $30,000. We would also want to point out that the predicted petrol savings are purely speculative and that there is no overall price decrease.

This indicates that the total cost to buy the Tesla Model 3 will be $32,130. However, over time and with fuel savings, the price will decrease to $27,330, which is significantly less than $30,000.

TheStreet reports that 10 states are presently offering an additional incentive for buying a Tesla Model 3. Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, New York, California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Maine are some of these states. You must contact the auto dealership if you want to find out the precise price after the tax incentive.

An authorised Tesla dealer or the company’s website should be your first choice when searching to buy a Tesla Model 3. If you want to go in this direction, you will have the flexibility to customize your Tesla anyway you like. Additionally, there will be a variety of choices available to you, including Full Self-Driving Capability and Enhanced Autopilot, both of which come at an additional fee.

Before buying a Tesla Model 3, consider your current tax situation

The previously reasonable Tesla Model 3 is now much more accessible to the general public. The amenities and functionality that Tesla offers are considerably superior to those of the competition, despite the fact that there are many other cars in this price range.

Other financial incentives and owner perks, like as free charging at a coffee shop, are also available for Tesla vehicles in addition to the Federal and State incentives. These benefits are not accessible for ICE vehicles.

However, it is always essential to speak with a tax expert before making a choice so they can guide you through the process of claiming your Federal tax credit and determine your eligibility as tax credits are dependent on your existing financial position.

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